The 12 Days of Reading Challenge Begins

Monday, December 2, 2019 - 9:00am
The 12 Days of Reading Challenge
December 2nd -17th
Adults, Teens and Children
On the first day of Reading, my true love gave to me:
1.  A Partridge in a Pear Tree: Pear trees symbolize long life. Read a book with a character who is old.
2.  Two Turtle Doves: Turtle doves symbolize love. Read a book about love/family.
3.  Three French Hens: French Hens symbolize hope and charity. Read a book about hope or volunteering, helping others.   
4.  Four Calling Birds: Birds are sometimes considered messengers of the gods. Read a book with a god/ goddess or about birds.
5   Five Golden Rings: Read a book where someone gets engaged or married.
6.  Six Geese a Laying: In animal symbolism, the goose stands for faithfulness or loyalty. Read a book with a dog or about a dog. 
7.  Seven Swans a Swimming:  Swans remind me of the ugly duckling. Read a book where one of the characters undergoes a major change or gets a makeover.
8.  Eight Maids a Milking: Read a book that takes place on a farm or about animals.  
9.  Nine Ladies Dancing: Read a book where one of the characters is a dancer or dancing takes place within the book at some point.
10.  Ten Lords a Leaping: A lord is a man of noble rank or high office. Read a book with a lord/king/ruler.
11.  Eleven Pipers Piping: Bagpipes are usually associated with Scotland. Read a book that takes place in another country.
12.  Twelve Drummers Drumming: Read a book about music.

Challenge Levels (for all ages):      Check out & read as many books for each day!
1. Easy – read 3-5 books               
2. Medium – read 6-8 books      

3. Hard – read 9-12 books            
For every book you read, you will receive 1 ticket for prize drawings.
For every challenge level you reach, you will receive 2 tickets for prize drawings.
There will be 3 drawings on December 19th!   
You may put tickets in any of the 3 prize drawings!   Happy Reading!